TK Skids LLC “All-In-One” Midstream Skids

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Modular Compressor Station Skids
Well Pad Compression, Booster, or Multi-Compressor Gathering Facilities

Whether you need free flow and well pad compression / dehydration or you are developing a new central gathering system, TK Skids LLC patented designs, provide quality, low cost solutions for your needs.  One skid per compressor.  Relocate and re-use skids when your needs change.

In the past 2 years we have supplied 15 patented skids to service >35,000 HP of compressors and 160 MMSCFD of dehydration.

Expansion All-in-One Skid System

This skid system allows you to build a site from a single compressor to more than 225 MMSCFD site capacity.  One skid is added per compressor (up to 2,800+ HP per skid).  

  • Install one skid and one compressor to start your gathering compressor facility.
  • When you have higher volumes then add one skid per added compressor.
  • Stop paying for future expansion capacity with phase 1 of a site build!  Only pay for what you are using today!
  • Start area production before all volumes are known with low capital spending and risk.
  • Drastically cut Field construction time, risk, and costs.
  • Current designs cover compressor flows up to 42 MMSCFD per skid!

Turnkey All-in-One Skid System

Free flow to compression with all systems you need to operate your site including dehydration.  This system is designed to install on your pad for initial free flow and then the same skid system provides everything you need to operate your compression.  When your needs change simply relocate the skid system to the next site.

  • Standard design can free flow ~40 MMSCFD.
  • Standard design is sized to handle ~35 MMSCFD compression flows.
  • All design and fabrication to 600# ANSI, ASME B31.8 (or B31.3).
  • This system pays for itself in a few months with savings from compression and dehydration fees.
  • The entire system lets you dehydrate and move your gas for around $500/HP
  • Multiple units are currently in free flow operation.


 Our Mission

Our mission at TK Skids LLC is to help sustain operations in a low commodity priced environment by providing the most simple and cost effective compressor station design for the market. 

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