The founder of TK Skids LLC is a licensed Professional Engineer with 29 years direct industry experience.  My career has encompassed project engineering / management, design and construction with natural gas, cryogenic industrial gas, and petrochemical industries.  Past projects (prior to TK Skids LLC) include skid designs for numerous applications, multiple clients, and at both domestic and international sites. 

The patented All-In-One skid system was devised as a better, lower cost solution to current industry trends.  We are pleased to have shipped approximately 1 million pounds of pre-fabricated All-In-One skids in the past 2 years.  Currently installed All-In-One skids can service more than 35,000 HP of compression and 160 MMSCFD of dehydration. 

My experience through the industry has followed the evolution from individual “stick-built” designs (heavy Field fabrication) to the original “modular” (pre-fabricated) designs and finally to the integrated, patented All-In-One skid systems.  The original “modular” designs essentially standardized and pre-fabricated the same “stick-built” facility designs.  The All-In-One skid systems are a new evolution of the modular design – sufficiently new and innovative that the design has been granted a full patent.  This new design introduces new low compressor facility cost metrics, overall flexibility, and site development opportunities.


Prior to TK Skids LLC, my Natural Gas Industry engineering and design experience (Fortune 500 company) includes:

  • Responsible for engineering and design of “modular” (pre-fabricated, standardized) skids currently installed and running well with capacities of over 500 MMSCFD gas flows. Over 57 of my modular skid components were installed during that prior effort.
  • Designed (with packager) two standard modular dehydration packages with 9 systems currently installed and flowing up to 750 MMSCFD of gas.
  • Designed multiple non-modular stations with capacities for 40,000+ HP. 
  • Authored a 40+ page in-house standard:  Small Compressor Station Design Guide.
  • Authored a 40+ page in-house standard:  General Requirements for Turbine Compressor Stations.
  • Turbine compressor (Solar) station design and installation.


All in One Skid by TK Designs

Building a Better Compressor Station

TK Skids LLC started as a company around 3 years ago focused on engineering a better compressor station design.  We are driven by an objective to make gas production profitable during low price gas markets.  A career’s worth of knowledge and experience was applied to this effort resulting with an approved patent (other patents pending), skid sales, verified installation cost metrics, and successful skid operations at multiple sites and with multiple customers.  Contact us to see how we can save you money with your plans!

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