All-In-One “Expansion” Skid

Patented Design

Only pay for the capacity that you need TODAY!

The Expansion Skid
This skid allows you to start a facility with a single skid (and compressor).  Don’t spend capital for future expansion needs – just add one skid per compressor when you need to grow your site. 

All-In-One Expansion Skid
Top: Completed “Expansion” skid with the fabrication team from the Frederick Logan Company (Code equipment supplier and fabricator – Pittsburgh, PA area).

All-In-One Expansion Skid Built

TK Skids  All-In-One Expansion skid built in shop

All-In-One Expansion Skid 3D model

TK Skids  All-In-One skid design 3-D Model

Above (left and right):  Fabricated “Expansion” skid compared to 3-D model. 


Below: Three “Expansion” skids shown installed in series.  Add one skid with each new compressor.  Relocate a skid and compressor to a new site as your needs change.  Everything shown in the picture below (3 All-in-One skids, 3 compressors, dehydration system, etc.) was set in 2 daysThis design reduces site cost, risks and space. 

 Six “Expansion” skids shown installed in two parallel series.  This design allows compressor station growth in phases.  Three skids and CAT-3606 compressors were installed for Phase 1 of the project shown in pictures.  Phase 2 added 3 new “Expansion” skids and CAT-3608 compressors in less than 6 weeks!   Your construction effort and site size can be minimized.  Ten+ “Expansion” skids (with compressors) can be installed in series for 225+ MMSCFD flow.


The installed “Expansion” skid system grows your facility liquid (slug) handling capacity with each added skid.  As you increase gas volumes at your facility you simply add one skid per added compressor.  Our operating track record includes handling an unexpected slug volume greater than 700 barrels at a six compressor / six skid installation.  The skid design protected all compressors and once high liquid levels were drained the facility simply re-started without any issues.   

The “Expansion” skid design adds flexibility to your site planning and future growth opportunities.  Each time you add a skid / compressor the site liquid handling capacity naturally grows by ~800 gallons (per skid).   Pipe header systems are sized for flows of 225+ MMSCFD.  There are five bolt-up connections to join skids together in the Field.  Relocate a skid(s) when your needs change!  Each standard design includes:

All-In-One Technical Drawing

  • Inlet Header (24″)
  • Integrated Inlet Slug Catcher / Separator
  • Compressor Inlet Piping (8″)
  • Inlet Filter Separator vessel
  • Inlet PSO vessel
  • Compressor Inlet / Suction Pressure Control Valve (option)
  • Compressor Discharge Piping (6″)
  • Discharge Oil Filter Separator vessel
  • Discharge Header (12″)
  • Fuel Gas Header
  • Instrument Air Header
  • Liquid Drain Header
  • All skid liquid drain systems
  • All skid vessel isolation and bypass piping and valves
  • Fuel / Start Gas regulation from header
  • Each skid sized for easy shipping and minimum effort Field installation
  • Each skid supported by 8 ea. sonotube or screwpile foundations
  • We will customize our design to meet your specific needs.