All-In-One “Expansion” Skid

Patented Design

Only pay for the capacity that you need TODAY!

The Expansion Skid
This skid allows you to start a facility with a single skid (and compressor).  Don’t spend capital for future expansion needs – just add one skid per compressor when you need to grow your site. 

All-In-One Expansion Skid
Top: Completed “Expansion” skid with the fabrication team from the Frederick Logan Company (Code equipment supplier and fabricator – Pittsburgh, PA area).

All-In-One Expansion Skid Built

TK Skids  All-In-One Expansion skid built in shop

All-In-One Expansion Skid 3D model

TK Skids  All-In-One skid design 3-D Model

Above (left and right):  Fabricated “Expansion” skid compared to 3-D model. 


Below: Three “Expansion” skids shown installed in series.  Add one skid with each new compressor.  Relocate a skid and compressor to a new site as your needs change.  Everything shown in the picture below (3 All-in-One skids, 3 compressors, dehydration system, etc.) was set in 2 daysThis design reduces site cost, risks and space. 

Expansion skids Picture


Below: Six “Expansion” skids shown installed in two parallel series.  This design allows compressor station growth in phases.  Three skids and CAT-3606 compressors were installed for Phase 1 of the project shown in pictures.  Phase 2 added 3 new “Expansion” skids and CAT-3608 compressors in less than 6 weeks!   Your construction effort and site size can be minimized.  Ten+ “Expansion” skids (with compressors) can be installed in series for 225+ MMSCFD flow.


 The “Expansion” skid design adds flexibility to your site planning and future growth opportunities.  Each time you add a skid / compressor the site liquid handling capacity naturally grows by ~800 gallons (per skid).   Pipe header systems are sized for flows of 225+ MMSCFD.  There are five bolt-up connections to join skids together in the Field.  Relocate a skid(s) when your needs change!  Each standard design includes:

All-In-One Technical Drawing

  • Inlet Header (24″)
  • Integrated Inlet Slug Catcher / Separator
  • Compressor Inlet Piping (8″)
  • Inlet Filter Separator vessel
  • Inlet PSO vessel
  • Compressor Inlet / Suction Pressure Control Valve (option)
  • Compressor Discharge Piping (6″)
  • Discharge Oil Filter Separator vessel
  • Discharge Header (12″)
  • Fuel Gas Header
  • Instrument Air Header
  • Liquid Drain Header
  • All skid liquid drain systems
  • All skid vessel isolation and bypass piping and valves
  • Fuel / Start Gas regulation from header
  • Each skid sized for easy shipping and minimum effort Field installation
  • Each skid supported by 8 ea. sonotube or screwpile foundations
  • We will customize our design to meet your specific needs.