All-In-One “Turnkey” Skid

Patented Design


The Turnkey Skid

This system is designed for easy shipment, minimum Field installation time, and it is sized to fit on the smallest available site including your well pad.

Four systems are currently installed and running on well pads – some in free flow, some already in compression.  As a measure of how little space the installed system requires, one unit was installed on a Customer pad before the pad was drilled and fracked.   

  • Producers – this system quickly pays for itself with savings from compression and dehydration fees. 
  • Midstream – installing this system can be less expensive than running a gathering lateral line to your central compression facility.

When you are done with the system at a site, simply lower the tower and ship the complete package to the next site.

Everything is provided for you to free flow and dehydrate your gas and then connect to a compressor when well pressures decline.  The standard skid design is sized for free flow up to 40 MMSCFD (assumed 1200 PSIG) and compression up to 35 MMSCFD (assumed 500 PSIG inlet, 1200 PSIG discharge).

Above:  All-in-One “Turnkey” skid on truck.  This skid includes the Dehydration Contactor tower (ships loose, installs on skid).  Not shown is the companion glycol regeneration skid (included with package).  This skid can be used for initial free flow and then a compressor is added when well pressures decline.  


The following systems are included or offered with this design:

  • Inlet Slug Catcher (approx. 800 gallon capacity)
  • Inlet Filter Separator vessel
  • Integrated Liquid Drains 
  • Integrated Compressor Inlet Header
  • Installed Free Flow bypass piping systems
  • Pressurizing System
  • Compressor Inlet / Suction Control Valve (option)
  • Compressor Equalizing System
  • Discharge Oil Coalescer vessel
  • Dehydration Contactor Tower 
  • Glycol Regeneration skid 
  • Glycol Coalescer vessel 
  • All equipment isolation and bypass valves
  • All equipment drain systems (integrated design)
  • Discharge Pipe Header
  • Discharge Meter Run (option)
  • Fuel Gas System (option)
  • Fuel Gas Meter (option)
  • Start Gas
  • Power / Instrument Gas
  • Inlet and Discharge Isolation / ESD skid system (option)
  • Skid Process Gas Recycle system (option)
  • Blowdown Valves (option, manual or automated)
  • Allen Bradley (or equal) PLC with touchscreen HMI (option)
  • Skids are sized for easy shipping and minimum Field installation time!
  • Install each skid with 8 sonotubes or screwpiles.  One Customer has their systems installed on compacted gravel – simple installations.
  • Relocate / re-purpose skids when your needs change!

Below:  Two examples of the All-in-One “Turnkey” skid with Dehydration Regen skid.  The Dehydration Contactor Tower is being set on the skid (green paint).  Everything is set in place in one afternoon.